Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ten Drawings for Intermediate Drawing

Soo Intermediate Drawing has been a hiccup!  My teacher told  us to come up with a main idea so that we can explore into that specific material by using different materials in different ways. Well the first idea I thought of was my fear of driving into a deer. I did this drawing by only drawing horizontally.
 I scratched that idea and moved onto my interests in drawing different kinds of beards.  For this drawing I glued hemp onto a piece of bark.  This drawing was used with one long piece of hemp.  It was hard to figure out were to put the string so I wouldn't overlap but it turned out well. May be my Halloween costume.

 Next, we were drawing by animation.  W had to show progression in our drawing.  What a better way to draw an animation by drawing beard growth!  This was done in Charcoal.
 I scratched the beard idea to follow something I'm more into.  I wanted to draw with collage in a new way.  So I drew something from my sketches and tore it up.  This was just a trial.  I will be going back to work with it more.

The Next assignment was to draw with a wet medium and dry.  I chose to use charcoal and gesso!  I didn't have a clue what to draw that day so I drew myself looking down into a mirror.  I got the proportions off but it was a good exercise. 

 The next assignment I chose to draw with an extension.  I taped a piece of pastel to the end of a stick and drew my house with a giant raccoon on top or the roof.  I loved how this turned out.  It reminds me of what a little kid would do if they saw a raccoon on top or the roof of their house and I did!
Still unsure about an idea to explore I drew my cat with a limited oil pastel pallet.
 I'm getting to my idea.  This was my first drawing I was happy with!  I drew this with my left hand in Black pen/marker.  This is me portraying how I feel when I can't find something in my purse!

Here is a self portrait!  This would be included in drawing with collage.
Last but not least, here is another drawing with wet and dry medium.  This time I used Acrylic and charcoal.  This drawing is supposed to portray the typical frat boy in college ready to go party.  I see a lot of this since I live by the frat houses.  Well it just made me think that along with me, they are the future also. ughhhh!

Altogether, I am proud of my drawings! It took a while for me to find an idea that I enjoyed but I think I know where I'm headed.  I am going to explore portraits and experiences that surround me! Keep ya posted! I have ten more drawings to do haha!

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