Friday, November 4, 2011

False Alarm! Power Continued!

Soo do you remember when I said that we were going to start a new project in my printmaking class.. Well we didn't really! We stuck to the same one and changed it! This is my first one!
To change the image I had to scratch out with a blade the part I didn't want to show up in the print. After scratching the part out, I had to hit the part with nitric acid and gum aribic to burn out the remaining ink. Next I applied a counter etch solution that re-opens the stone. Making the image attainable to grease. I then drew on my new addition to the image, etched it to the stone and printed it. The next objective was to make the same image into the opposite of power! Here it is!
The second objective is to make it even more opposite of power! Here it is!
After completing this project, I realized that I love messing with the original image. It add a story to it! No wonder I wanna be in Illustration!

Drawing update: I hate my drawing class. It is like a craft class I took in grade school!
Soon I will update the last of the twenty drawings I had to complete for the class.