Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back to school update!

I'm back! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! Now that I have started at the different school and the different program, I have some stuff to show you! I will try and update as much as I can with the class work/on the side work that I do. The classes I am taking this Semester are Typography, photography, and figure drawing. Typography is the only graphic design class I am taking and so far its a great class. I am really learning how to arrange type on a page and adding large type, black space, highlights and photos. Hopefully soon I will have some good work to post for you. In my photography class, I have also been learning a lot. I have started using digital from the beginning of the semester so we could fully understand the capabilities of a camera before we move to film. I have learned so much tho! I finally know why my pictures have been turning out so dark sometimes. Now we are learning about the different filters, lenses, and host effects that you can do with a camera. I will also post some of the pictures I have taken on here soon so you can truly understand what I am talking about.

Today's post is on my figure drawing class work. Since the beginning of the semester I have been doing contour and gesture drawings everyday in class to learn how to draw exactly what we see. I always have to remember to look at the subject more than I look at the actual drawing I'm creating. Out side of class, I have had to draw many skeletons. The first assignment I had to do was trace the outside of my hand ( just like we did when we were kids) and then fill in the bones to match the size of my hand. The teacher has been giving me wonderful illustrations on ow it should look like so I can follow along. The next assignment was a little more large scale. I had to draw half a skeleton and half the musculature system. This is it!
The next assignment I had to do was draw half my face and half skull. This project help me understand the size and placement of the skull compared to my head. This is it!
Both these assignments really helped me pay attention to detail since I was drawing straight from an illustration. However, my face side was draw through a mirror!

The next step in this class is to starts drawing some models. I'm really excited for this because I will know how to gesture a body on paper with in five minutes some day. More posts to come on that!

Thanks again to all the followers! I hope your learning with me or just interested!