Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look Mom! I can draw big!

First project in my surface studio class was to do a silhouette of what I fear most. We had to work big because our final project would be displayed on the walls through out DAAP. It was quite a challenge to work this big and get all the proportions correct. But I did it! Mom you should be proud! (She always told me to draw bigger because she could never see my sketches.) If you want to see my piece along with my classmates pieces in person it is on the lower floor of DAAP, to the right if you are walking in from the parking garage. It will be displayed through out next week.
My Fear is meeting new friends and them not being trustworthy (sticking their snake tongue out behind my back) in which it makes me stop in my tracks and not want to continue on and not see the world. (being tied down). I had to work with negative and positive spaces and create a silhouette on black paper. I really enjoyed this project and excited for the projects to come in this class.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gesture and more contour line drawings

Today in class I had to do about 15 gesture drawings of a still life. Each time I did a drawing the professor would take away time to make it a quicker drawing. The last one I did had to be done in one minute. We had to make sure we got all the objects drawn on the page with a good composition.

Then I had to choose the drawing with the best composition and make a full size drawing from the same view point. I am learning how to make line look different in a contour line drawing. As things are closer to me I made thicker lines and as things were further away I faded out the lines. Doing many of these gesture and contour drawings will help me with composition.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

First Post! First assignment: Still Life

On my first day of Drawing Studio I was really nervous about what my professor would have us do, since I haven't done any art over the summer! However, it was actually the best way to start the class with no pressure. She told us to draw a one dollar bill from memory. It turns out I ended up drawing the back of the five dollar bill. Some of m classmates got a kick out of it. But really I never pay attention to this object I use daily. Next she let us study the dollar bill for a bit before we started drawing it again. It turned out a lot better then the one I did previously. The whole point of the assignment is to draw what I see not what I remember. I need to really pay attention to detail. So she assigned the first assignment.

Still life of five objects using ebony pencil. Took about 4 hours.