Friday, September 24, 2010

First Post! First assignment: Still Life

On my first day of Drawing Studio I was really nervous about what my professor would have us do, since I haven't done any art over the summer! However, it was actually the best way to start the class with no pressure. She told us to draw a one dollar bill from memory. It turns out I ended up drawing the back of the five dollar bill. Some of m classmates got a kick out of it. But really I never pay attention to this object I use daily. Next she let us study the dollar bill for a bit before we started drawing it again. It turned out a lot better then the one I did previously. The whole point of the assignment is to draw what I see not what I remember. I need to really pay attention to detail. So she assigned the first assignment.

Still life of five objects using ebony pencil. Took about 4 hours.

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