Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am Obsessed!

For my final project in Surface Studio, I had to choose an obsession. Something I can be completely obsessed with. Here is an idea of the grading scale and what the teacher expects.

A if we feel you might actually loose your mind

B we are mildly concerned for your health and well-being

C you did the project and it was ok

D we don’t even think you care about the subject

F did you just look it up in Wikipedia

I chose to be obsessed with Legos! As i child I was obsessed with them, so why not bring them back into my life! I missed them so much. I realized there are always so many possibilities of what someone can build with legos. My little brother and I used to build towns, basketball courts, spaceships, and massive race cars. However, this is by far the biggest thing I have ever built...

Here is the front..

The back is like a doll house. On each floor there are lego people including: Star Wars characters, cowboys and Indians, aliens, basketball players, soccer ball players, Harry Potter characters, Spiderman characters, pirates, adventurers, policemen, horses, and more!
After I built it, I went back and numbered each and every block!
Blocks used: 1227
People and Animals: 104
Others: 50
Total: 1381