Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello fellow followers! Recently, I have been having second thoughts about fine arts. I love the work so much BUT it isn't what I want to be doing all the time. The difference between fine arts and (say...) graphic design is the way art is made. Art is made through fine arts by going deep into what the artist is thinking conceptually. (I still don't know what that word even means) This thinking is so deep that only that artist understands it. For instance, It is like when you just realized something that everyone else didn't; you would want to just let the world know wouldn't you?. Well that is how I view the art I make. That could be the definition of art for me. Who knows what others think art is to them? That is why art is so confusing. Making my decision to switch to graphic design much easier. Now graphic design is a whole new way of making art. It is making art for the people to see. (sounds a lot like fine art but it is in a more structured way) In graphic design I could get asked to create something based on what the customer wants. That means it would be more product related. Yes! I am a sucker for putting my art out there. I love showing off my sketchbook. It helps me show people who I am and what I really enjoy doing. I see things differently and my sketchbook helps me show people exactly what I see. So by giving you all this information about my view on art, is my way of telling you/my self that: I am ready to switch! (I wouldn't mind doing fine art as a hobby though!) BUT I'm ready to be in the graphic design program. Time to restart.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Now here is a class I can talk about! Printmaking! I love this class! I have never put so much time and effort into a piece of work until now!  I posted a video about the process a couple posts ago so I won't go into detail! But here is my first test print! I just worked with the different drawing materials to see how they turned out.  We had numerous different pencils with different sizes, tush, tush with water or naptha, white slate, and even permanent marker.  I could also trace onto the stone which is twenty times easier. 
Here is my first official print! The assignment was to come up with an image of power.  In my previous post I said I would work with the cat drawing.  However, I got sick of it! I couldn't draw it anymore.  So I came up with this! I originally got the idea from an experience that happened to me recently.  I drew the drawing the same way but with a tablecloth being slipped away from underneath me.  I decide to take the tablecloth out and just have the person standing on the table in the middle of her house. Well here is the final print. I did several prints but this was the one that turned out the best.  I used the drawing pencils and tush and water to create the image.  I enjoyed the process and love seeing the final turn out. I can't wait to do another one! Time to grind another stone! 

Ten Drawings for Intermediate Drawing

Soo Intermediate Drawing has been a hiccup!  My teacher told  us to come up with a main idea so that we can explore into that specific material by using different materials in different ways. Well the first idea I thought of was my fear of driving into a deer. I did this drawing by only drawing horizontally.
 I scratched that idea and moved onto my interests in drawing different kinds of beards.  For this drawing I glued hemp onto a piece of bark.  This drawing was used with one long piece of hemp.  It was hard to figure out were to put the string so I wouldn't overlap but it turned out well. May be my Halloween costume.

 Next, we were drawing by animation.  W had to show progression in our drawing.  What a better way to draw an animation by drawing beard growth!  This was done in Charcoal.
 I scratched the beard idea to follow something I'm more into.  I wanted to draw with collage in a new way.  So I drew something from my sketches and tore it up.  This was just a trial.  I will be going back to work with it more.

The Next assignment was to draw with a wet medium and dry.  I chose to use charcoal and gesso!  I didn't have a clue what to draw that day so I drew myself looking down into a mirror.  I got the proportions off but it was a good exercise. 

 The next assignment I chose to draw with an extension.  I taped a piece of pastel to the end of a stick and drew my house with a giant raccoon on top or the roof.  I loved how this turned out.  It reminds me of what a little kid would do if they saw a raccoon on top or the roof of their house and I did!
Still unsure about an idea to explore I drew my cat with a limited oil pastel pallet.
 I'm getting to my idea.  This was my first drawing I was happy with!  I drew this with my left hand in Black pen/marker.  This is me portraying how I feel when I can't find something in my purse!

Here is a self portrait!  This would be included in drawing with collage.
Last but not least, here is another drawing with wet and dry medium.  This time I used Acrylic and charcoal.  This drawing is supposed to portray the typical frat boy in college ready to go party.  I see a lot of this since I live by the frat houses.  Well it just made me think that along with me, they are the future also. ughhhh!

Altogether, I am proud of my drawings! It took a while for me to find an idea that I enjoyed but I think I know where I'm headed.  I am going to explore portraits and experiences that surround me! Keep ya posted! I have ten more drawings to do haha!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New School Year!

School has started once again! The summer was just way to short! Well now that I'm back in school, I am going to try and post frequently. This quarter, I am taking a Intro to Lithography Printmaking class, and an Intermediate Drawing class. I was very excited for this quarter during the summer but now I have mixed feelings. I think I am leaning towards studying graphic design instead of Fine Arts. The decision isn't final yet. I am still figuring out my choices. I think I would benefit more by being in the graphic design program. All last year, in fine arts, we were taught how to show our art in galleries and create master pieces that are from the bottom of our heart or world. I couldn't take it anymore! Over the summer I had been doing a sketch a day in my sketchbook and it turned out that these sketches were just to illustrate. I have always been into illustration and now I can have the chance to pursue it by switching into graphic design. So If I don't get to posting all the time, I apologize because I will be trying to figure out my next step for switching majors.

Anyways, I haven't been the best about documenting but I'll remember to in the future. In the printmaking class I am taking, we are learning how to prepare a stone for printing. Here is a great video to give you an idea for what we are doing---
For our first assignment, we were told to create an image of power. This image below is something I did over the summer. I drew this after hearing all about my sister and her husbands cat and how it is the smartest cat on earth. R.I.P. Olive. Well It was such a fun drawing for me so I think I am going to expand on it for all the awesome cats in the world! I'll keep you posted on how this turns out.
For my Intermediate Drawing class, our first assignment was to observe an object and do an ink wash of it. Well I took my roommates old camera and started inking! Here is is!
After that she told us to do a graphite drawing of it! Here it is!
I'm assuming this assignment was just to show her our skills so far. I don't think I lost my touch!
Excited for the new year!