Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello fellow followers! Recently, I have been having second thoughts about fine arts. I love the work so much BUT it isn't what I want to be doing all the time. The difference between fine arts and (say...) graphic design is the way art is made. Art is made through fine arts by going deep into what the artist is thinking conceptually. (I still don't know what that word even means) This thinking is so deep that only that artist understands it. For instance, It is like when you just realized something that everyone else didn't; you would want to just let the world know wouldn't you?. Well that is how I view the art I make. That could be the definition of art for me. Who knows what others think art is to them? That is why art is so confusing. Making my decision to switch to graphic design much easier. Now graphic design is a whole new way of making art. It is making art for the people to see. (sounds a lot like fine art but it is in a more structured way) In graphic design I could get asked to create something based on what the customer wants. That means it would be more product related. Yes! I am a sucker for putting my art out there. I love showing off my sketchbook. It helps me show people who I am and what I really enjoy doing. I see things differently and my sketchbook helps me show people exactly what I see. So by giving you all this information about my view on art, is my way of telling you/my self that: I am ready to switch! (I wouldn't mind doing fine art as a hobby though!) BUT I'm ready to be in the graphic design program. Time to restart.


  1. Glad to hear you are following your own path! Congratulations!

    Uncle Andy

  2. I have a lot of these thoughts too. Sometimes I just don't even know what "art" is, much less how to make it! I do think that I'm in the right major though, I just have to get into the classes that I'll really actually care about (coughcoughphotocough)but until then I'm just going to keep going. If you're going to switch to graphic design, I wish you luck and hope you're happier!