Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Spring!

Over my spring break I started to draw in my sketchbook that I have had in my possession since the beginning of the school year. I just haven't had the time in my mind to sit down and draw in it. However, that changed over this break. I went out to dinner with my family earlier this week and we had to wait to be seated. When I was waiting, I was sitting next to a gentleman who was drawing in his sketchbook. After watching him for a bit, I realized he was drawing my niece that was playing in the rocks nearby. The gentleman looked up at me and said, "good way to pass the time, huh?" My Mom butted in and said to him that she has always wanted me to carry a sketchbook around with me. We all three got into talking while he finished his drawing and we found out a lot about one another. His name was Gill and he studied Fine Arts in college then I told him that I was a freshman in Fine Arts at DAAP and he got to hounding me about not carrying a sketchbook around with me.
This was a big wake up call that I need to start drawing in my sketchbook! Gill gave me the drawing that he drew of my niece and he let me choose one of his other drawings in his sketchbook.
This is the drawing I chose out of his sketchbook. He had mostly contour line drawings and every now and then he would add watercolor.
On the left is the drawing he drew of my niece. On the right was my attempt of drawing on the spot the next day. This drawing is of my sister and her husband relaxing at the pool.
Then I tried drawing my baby nephew who kept on moving! After drawing observationally, I started drawing whatever was on my mind. Below is a drawing of a girl lying on the beach not noticing the sand made hand reaching out to her
(left)When I didn't have anything on my mind to draw, I looked up at the clouds and drew what I saw in the clouds. On the right are more drawings from my imagination.

I want to say a big THANKS to Gill from the restaurant for helping me get back into the routine of drawing in my sketchbook. From now on I will carry a miniature sketchbook around with me. Goal: Draw at least one drawing in my sketchbook a day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Responding to Keith Haring

About two weeks ago my class took a trip to the Contemporary Art Center to see the Keith Haring gallery. The exhibit will be up till September 5th so check it out! After taking a look around the gallery we were told to respond to his work in some way. Our work was then displayed on the first and basement floors of the Contemporary Art Center this past Monday.

Keith Haring inspired me when I saw a video clip of him going up to a blank advertisement and begin drawing on it. This was one of the ways Keith Haring became recognized. After getting arrested numerous times, the cops started to just let him be. Later in Keith’s life, he got to paint on public property without getting in trouble. This inspired me because I have always wanted to draw something on public property. However I would be to nervous to get into trouble. That is when I got the idea to do my own public artwork legally by building an apartment building out of cardboard. Once I had the building built I had to start drawing on the building. After starring at the building for two days, I finally began to draw. I didn’t know what I was afraid of. I realized it was so hard to start drawing because I haven’t drawn on my own in a while. Once I started to draw, I couldn’t stop. Little cartoons started to take over the building. After I drew many different scenes on the building, I realized that I wanted to have a little blue Kill Roy pop out every now and then. This blue man kept on popping out from a black whole around the building. I realize that the blue man was me, beginning to draw again. The blue man finally ends up popping out from the back of the building. This is shows me going out into the world with a whole new attitude of drawing. I am now going to start carrying a sketchbook around with me so I can draw whenever I please.

This project had a big impact in my right brain because it made me want to start doodling again. I shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed about what I draw. People can either hate it or love it. I just hope people look at this apartment building covered in my drawings and understand how much fun I had with this project.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Self Portrait

Well here is my final project in drawing this quarter! I can see my progress! It was a colorful quarter!

Thanks for following!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Landscape Painting

To finish up with painting for this quarter, we were assigned to pick a landscape to paint. Along with finding the exact same color as the photograph, we had to work with different sized brushes. We had to start with a small fine brush to replicate the photograph as well as we could. Then we chose a section to use a medium sized brush to make it a little less detailed. Then a large brush for even lesser detail.
I chose to use the fine brush for the barn, fence and dying sunflower. I used the medium sized brush for the long grass. Then I used the large brush for the trees above the barn. This was done with acrylic on illustration board.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Material Strain

When I was assigned to make a material strain that looked like an experiment gone wrong, I started to think of viruses, mold, a snowflake, and an explosion. Making a ten-foot long organism going along the wall of DAAP gave me many ideas. Since we had to have five different mutations, I started thinking of the materials that I could use. Straws, bottle caps, paper plates, and plastic wrap were the things that came to mind. I knew I couldn’t start without having the material right in front of me to experiment. I then went out and bought some dixie cups. It took about and hour to realize what I finally wanted to do with the dixie cups so I knew I had to get the other materials soon to start experimenting. I went home the following weekend and scrounged around the house for materials. I found hemp, straws, an old deck of cards, and clothespins. After finishing the first strand of mutation, I began working on the next one. My sisters and I have always used hemp to make bracelets, so I decided to use my hemp bracelet skills to good use. I was making these hemp bracelets while being forced to watch the Justin Bieber movie when I babysat. Turns out I was working a lot faster then I thought I was because I made ten long strands. After I connected the hemp to the cups I began to make a snake looking head out of cut up straws. I was scared to use the straws because I thought it would make the mutation look crappy but once it was connected it worked out. Once I finished first three mutations, I then went back to add a smooth transition between them. A mutation can’t just appear it has to form. After those three mutations were done I started to work on the final mutations. I started with the last one first because I wanted to connect both materials before I connected them to the other three. When I started to work with the clothespins, I wanted it to look like a twisted DNA strand. Since I already did that with the hemp someone gave me the idea to make it look like a spinal cord by adding cardboard to it. It was hard to keep it altogether so I had to put hemp through the holes. That still wouldn’t hold it together so out came the hot glue. After I got them all connected I started working on my fourth mutation; a deck of cards. I first painted them with a light brown coating of paint to make them look older. Then I decided to just curve them and glue them together. The way I hung the cards gave them a floating effect. Once I got the last two mutations finished I could connect them to the other mutations and give them all transitions. After I was finished one of my friends wanted to mutate with mine so my hemp mutated with her hair. She worked on the transition for that because I didn't want to touch her hair!

When hanging the project on the wall, I had to be mindful of the restrictions. I couldn’t be more than sixteen inches from the wall because people had to be able to walk through the hallway. I also wasn’t allowed to hot glue anything to the wall. However, both of these restrictions had to be broken. I had to move my strain many times to find the right spot for it on the wall. Once I found the right spot, the straw part of my mutation was jutting out more than sixteen inches. I decided since it looked good that way, it was ok to break the rules. When sticking the mutation to the wall, tacs, didn’t hold everything up so I had to bring out the hot glue and stick it to the wall. Hot glue became my best friend for this project.

Altogether, I feel proud of what I accomplished in this project and how fast I accomplished it. I was one of the firsts ones to get finished because I managed my time wisely. This assignment helped me branch out with materials and my ideas. Now I am ready to work more in 3-D.

Here is a slide show of the pictures! Click!