Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Spring!

Over my spring break I started to draw in my sketchbook that I have had in my possession since the beginning of the school year. I just haven't had the time in my mind to sit down and draw in it. However, that changed over this break. I went out to dinner with my family earlier this week and we had to wait to be seated. When I was waiting, I was sitting next to a gentleman who was drawing in his sketchbook. After watching him for a bit, I realized he was drawing my niece that was playing in the rocks nearby. The gentleman looked up at me and said, "good way to pass the time, huh?" My Mom butted in and said to him that she has always wanted me to carry a sketchbook around with me. We all three got into talking while he finished his drawing and we found out a lot about one another. His name was Gill and he studied Fine Arts in college then I told him that I was a freshman in Fine Arts at DAAP and he got to hounding me about not carrying a sketchbook around with me.
This was a big wake up call that I need to start drawing in my sketchbook! Gill gave me the drawing that he drew of my niece and he let me choose one of his other drawings in his sketchbook.
This is the drawing I chose out of his sketchbook. He had mostly contour line drawings and every now and then he would add watercolor.
On the left is the drawing he drew of my niece. On the right was my attempt of drawing on the spot the next day. This drawing is of my sister and her husband relaxing at the pool.
Then I tried drawing my baby nephew who kept on moving! After drawing observationally, I started drawing whatever was on my mind. Below is a drawing of a girl lying on the beach not noticing the sand made hand reaching out to her
(left)When I didn't have anything on my mind to draw, I looked up at the clouds and drew what I saw in the clouds. On the right are more drawings from my imagination.

I want to say a big THANKS to Gill from the restaurant for helping me get back into the routine of drawing in my sketchbook. From now on I will carry a miniature sketchbook around with me. Goal: Draw at least one drawing in my sketchbook a day.

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