Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Responding to Keith Haring

About two weeks ago my class took a trip to the Contemporary Art Center to see the Keith Haring gallery. The exhibit will be up till September 5th so check it out! After taking a look around the gallery we were told to respond to his work in some way. Our work was then displayed on the first and basement floors of the Contemporary Art Center this past Monday.

Keith Haring inspired me when I saw a video clip of him going up to a blank advertisement and begin drawing on it. This was one of the ways Keith Haring became recognized. After getting arrested numerous times, the cops started to just let him be. Later in Keith’s life, he got to paint on public property without getting in trouble. This inspired me because I have always wanted to draw something on public property. However I would be to nervous to get into trouble. That is when I got the idea to do my own public artwork legally by building an apartment building out of cardboard. Once I had the building built I had to start drawing on the building. After starring at the building for two days, I finally began to draw. I didn’t know what I was afraid of. I realized it was so hard to start drawing because I haven’t drawn on my own in a while. Once I started to draw, I couldn’t stop. Little cartoons started to take over the building. After I drew many different scenes on the building, I realized that I wanted to have a little blue Kill Roy pop out every now and then. This blue man kept on popping out from a black whole around the building. I realize that the blue man was me, beginning to draw again. The blue man finally ends up popping out from the back of the building. This is shows me going out into the world with a whole new attitude of drawing. I am now going to start carrying a sketchbook around with me so I can draw whenever I please.

This project had a big impact in my right brain because it made me want to start doodling again. I shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed about what I draw. People can either hate it or love it. I just hope people look at this apartment building covered in my drawings and understand how much fun I had with this project.

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