Wednesday, May 18, 2011


For Time Studio, we moved into photography. We were given different prompts to follow.

BELOW: This photo is based off the Passenger prompt. The passenger I chose to take a picture of was my Nana with her walking stick. This picture portrays a journey that my Nana has taken. However, I have realized that people can interpret this picture many ways. One being as the ground is marble and the traveler is wealthy. Another being that the traveler is going through snow. (which why would you be walking through seeping snow with a walking stick) But the real story behind it is that she was walking through the sand, struggling to get down to the beach.
BELOW: This is a group of stills. I followed my brother-in-law and his daughter down to our creek. My brother-in-law is a huge outdoors man and loves taking his daughter down to the creek to skip stones. She gets so excited whenever the stone bounces along the water.
After looking at the photos, I decided to warp around the colors to make the picture give out more of a journey feeling. I did this through Hue and Saturation.

BELOW: Based off the Prompt Army of Me. I took picture of my Mom working in her flower garden. Taking pictures of her moving back and forth down the line of the house to arrange the flowers. I thought it was funny, because every year my Mom plants the same flowers, saying that they will last through the next year but every year she is out there again planting the same flowers. Every year for mothers day, my Mom asks us to help but, this year I just watched her. So by taking pictures I created an army of her to work in the garden.
BELOW: I kinda made up my own prompt for this picture. It could, however, be based off of poetics of space. The area in which I live. I live in a dormitory and my bed is low to the ground. I always have stuff being piled up underneath there. So i chose to take a picture of me searching for what I needed underneath my bed.

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