Thursday, February 24, 2011


For the past 3 1/2 weeks in Space Studio, my five group members and I had to build a childhood toy. We chose a the toy troll we all used to play with when we were kids. We all had a story of what we used to do with them. I remember hiding underneath the piano with a hot pink haired troll and some scissors, ready to cut the hair off. Another girl in my group actually took the head off the troll and put it on a duck stuffed animal. I told her she was like Sid in Toy Story. To start with the project we had to make measurements to figure out the scale we wanted for the troll. It had to be mainly constructed out of cardboard and about 12 feet tall. My group and I started right away on the skeleton of the troll. It took a lot of experimenting to get the roundness of the butt and stomach. Once we got the form done, we layered the whole body in paper mache. For the hair we had a one long rod in the middle with cardboard and bristol board surrounding it. Then we painted! Got it finished in a week in a half! ....or soo we thought......
We were told to add more to the hair! The hair had to be more wavy and look like it had individual strands and values. Then we had to add a shiny jewel and eyes. Two weeks later we finished!

We are trying to figure out where we will put it because we can't leave it DAAP forever.. Any Ideas?!

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