Monday, February 28, 2011

Paint With All The Colors!

For this assignment in Drawing Studio, I had to choose a 10x10 piece of fabric that had blocks of solid color in it. I had to trace this fabric onto graphite paper to get the exact replica of the design. Once that was done, I had to divide the design into 5 sections (from left to right); desaturated, original fabric strip, opposite value, actual fabric colors, and compliment. I started with the actual fabric painting to get a feel for the original colors in the fabric. I tried my best to get the original colors but it was a challenge since the paint drys darker then what I originally made. Since the acrylic drys extremely fast, I did the compliment section next. The fabric I chose made this section simple because the fabric is filled with complimentary colors. After that, I worked on opposite value. While working on this section I became extremely confused. All the colors were hard to distinguish between. Then to make it even more confusing, I had to make every color desaturated in the next section. You can make a color desaturated by adding its compliment color and then white. This became really challenging because most of the colors in this section are so alike. De-saturating yellow was impossible for me! But once I got to class, My teacher explained to me that yellow and purple are the hardest to de-saturate because they have such a high contrast of one another. After that section, I then had to cut out the original piece of fabric and glue it down. Altogether this was a relaxing painting to work on because it required all my focusing on one color at a time. Painting isn't so scary after all.

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