Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frozen Disaster!

First project for Space Studio for this quarter.

WHAT: Produce a cardboard object that is solid in form and reacts to a studio stool in an interesting way. HOW: Construct using only cardboard and one type of adhesive. Working with cardboard for this project sounded like a huge challenge. I was scared that the cardboard would be difficult to work with. However from the beginning, I had an idea stick with me. Involving the stool, I wanted to show the stool tipping over with boxes falling off of it. I then realized I was faced with a dilemma because I wanted to capture the frozen motion of the boxes falling off the stool. Creating a miniature model helped demonstrate the exact motion of the falling boxes off the stool. I had to think of the before and after as well as the present. The before would be the stool standing up with boxes piled up on top of it. Then the after would be all the boxes piled up on the floor. I then thought of other things I could explore with the falling boxes. The boxes could either be ripped apart like broken glass or become burnt into a crisp, as they get closer to the ground. Another dilemma I began to be faced with was how I am going to display the boxes in mid air. I decided to run fishing line through each box and glue the line to the box so it won’t move. Then I would use invisible cord to hang the heavy stool from the ceiling. The invisible cord is attached to the ceiling using S-hooks. Altogether, the final display looks like it is a frozen disaster.

This project is displayed in the north entrance of DAAP. It won't be there long so here are some pictures!

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