Monday, January 31, 2011

Bang Bang!

Second project for Space studio was to invent a multi-task gadget that could do five different actions.
For thinking of a multi-task product to invent, I automatically think of steam punk. Steam punk products have so many gadgets that do many different things. I started looking at the steam punk gun and how it can shoot different things out of it. That’s when I started to think of a gun that would have Chap Stick at the end of it. I had the idea of sticking things to the gun like Chap Stick, nail file, and a phone. After looking at many handguns, I stumbled upon a tiny magnum gun. Just like the gun ladies would carry in all the action movies. Instead of having the gadgets stick to the gun, they could be in the barrel of the magnum. That is when I started thinking of what else I could add to the barrel. How about pepper spray, tic-tacs, or an energy shot? This gun is what every lady in this world needs. This gun could be called the Rape/Date Gun. If you are going on a date, you can prepare for it by filing your nails, putting on chap stick, taking a tic-tac, or even taking an energy shot. This gun can also protect you if the date goes bad or you run into some trouble on the way home. Just turn the barrel to the pepper spray and then you will be prepared. Another interesting aspect of the gun is that it carries a tiny emergency cell phone in the handle. The size of the gun might scare people away by itself so that will help even more. I didn’t want the gun to be as tiny as the original lady magnum.

The way the gun is used by the woman could be pretty fooling to the eye. Imagine a lady walking across the street and she pulls out what looks like a magnum just to have a tic-tac. Be astonished ladies! This gun will prepare and protect you from anything!

Here are my sketches:

Here is the model I made and what it became!
The model gun is made out of cardboard. The final gun is made out of Styrofoam with a layer of water putty on top of it. It is hard as rock! While building this I was listening to a Kill Bill classic song: Bang Bang

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