Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspired by a Book

First Drawing 3 project was to go out and get a old book and create a repeated folding patten to render the book so it became unreadable. Our teacher told us to transform the book into a work of art while considering social issues, the state of the world, investigate yourself, or a psychological you. I chose to investigate myself. After the Keith Haring project, I have realized that I enjoy drawing characters and I wanted to continue on with that. When I was looking for a book, I found a book called The Manual of Play, that was published in 1914. This book had descriptions of how kids play and what they play with. One of the sections was about imagination for kids at a certain age. This gave me the idea of imagining who characters are in a book with out pictures. When someone is reading a book with out pictures, they have to imagine what the character looks like with a very vague description.
For my project I began folding the pages in the book as tightly as I could. I started in the middle and worked to the outside. Once I got closer to the outside, the pages began to tear. Once I finished folding the pages, I realized that it resembles my mind in the way that it is tight and crammed most of the time. I then decided to make a mold out of my face and forehead and the book would be in between each mold. I covered the book with gray spray paint stuffing from a pillow. Then I covered the stuffing with the characters I made from hearing or seeing things around me. Once I put all the things I had together how I wanted it, I realized the mold face doesn't have very much meaning to the project so I decided to write the words of the things I drew.
I think this projects worked as conceptual art because everything I used related back to my idea.
Here is the finished project!

If you want to see it; it is in the glass case on the sixth floor of D.A.A.P.

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