Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is the Paper White or Black?

Today we had to bring in black paper and white conte crayon/charcoal. I helped the professor set up a lovely still life at the beginning of class but once everyone put their benches around it, there was no room for me to sit. :( I really would have liked to draw a still life because drawing fabric has always been a challenge for me. In the end I was stuck having to draw the fabric. Turns out, drawing fabric isn't that hard. If anything, I think it helped me work with value more. Since we started on black paper, we had to apply the whitest whites then work dark. I really enjoyed working with the black paper. It doesn't waste charcoal. If I did this on white paper and had to fill in the black space with vine charcoal, I would have run out of it fast. Here is the fabric I drew from. Note: I did not draw from this photograph. I drew from life.
Here is the drawing!
More black paper drawings to come!

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  1. seriously i didn't know you were THIS good :)